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One of the most popular sports betting options is the accumulator bet – and in this guide we will explain all you need to know about it and give the best Accumulator Bet Tips Accumulator bets can make for a great way to increase your odds while still having a good shot at actually placing a winning bet. Many punters therefore prefer an accumulator bet over other betting options. If you want to know more about this particular type of sports bet, make sure you read on. But first our picks for 3 Best Betting Sites for Accumulator Bet placing in Africa:

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What is an accumulator bet?

Accumulator Bet, what is it and how does it work?

An accumulator bet, which is also known as an ‘acca' or as a combined bet, is a bet in which multiple bets are combined into one. It's a highly popular bet among punters as the odds (and thus your potential pay-out) is a lot higher than with a single bet, while you still have a decent chance of actually predicting it right and winning your bet. Although accumulator bets are most common with football betting, they also exist in other sports. It's easiest to explain what an accumulator bet is with an example, which we will show you below.

Accumulator bet vs single match bet

Let's go to football to give you a good example of an accumulator bet. In this case, we are betting on matches in the Italian Serie A. If you would bet on just a single game alone, you might for example have the following four options on match day:

  1. Juventus – Empoli (1 = 1.20, x = 6.3, 2 = 14.8)
  2. Fiorentina – Lazio Roma (1 = 2.5, x = 3.3, 2 = 2.8)
  3. AC Milan – Lecce (1 = 1.25, x = 5.5, 2 = 13.5)
  4. Bologna – Sampdoria (1 = 2.1, x = 3.2, 2 = 4.7)

Of course, 1 refers to the home team to win, x to a draw and 2 to a win for the away team. As we can see from the odds, Juventus and AC Milan are the big favourites to win their respective home matches. Betting on them to win gives you very low odds, while betting on the away teams gives you high odds. However, although the odds for Empoli to win away at Juventus are high and can give you a big pay-out if that indeed happens, the chances of it happening are of course very low. If you would bet on a single match, the Fiorentina – Lazio match as well as the Bologna – Sampdoria game offer much better betting options.

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Making an accumulator bet

The above matches in our example can also be combined in an accumulator bet. This is one giant bet in which multiple matches are combined into a single bet. To win your bet, you have to predict all outcomes right. Even if you predict one match wrong and have the other three correct, you still won't win anything. Of course, that means that it is harder to win, but this is offset by the much higher odds. If you do manage to predict all matches right, you will get a much higher pay-out!
This is for example how an accumulator bet will look like if you would combine all of the four above matches into one large bet:

  • Juventus – Empoli: 1
  • Fiorentina – Lazio: x
  • AC Milan – Lecce: 1
  • Bologna – Sampdoria: 2

The sportsbook where you place your sports bets will automatically calculate the odds for this accumulator bet, which could for example be 25/1. That means that if all of those four matches indeed end the way you predict, you would win $25 if you place a $1 bet. As you can see, you can win quite a lot more money with an accumulator bet than with a single match bet! However, don't forget that all matches must end like you predicted. That means for example that if you correctly predict the Juventus, AC Milan and Bologna matches, this will be all worthless if Fiorentina against Lazio doesn't end in a draw.

Other kinds of accumulator bets

The great thing about accumulator bets is that you can add anything to your bet. Want to combine games from different competitions into one accumulator bet? That's certainly possible. Want to predict the final scores of some matches while predicting only the winner of a couple of other games? Possible as well! You can even add other parts to your bet such as the player to score the opening goal or the half time score.

The more segments you add to your accumulator bet, the higher the odds will be given that you need to guess everything correctly to win. It's therefore all up to you as to how big you want to make your bet. For example, this could be an accumulator bet in which you combine several types of bets:

  • Manchester City – Leicester City: x
  • Liverpool – Arsenal: 1, final score 3-0
  • Liverpool – Arsenal: Mohamed Salah to score the first goal
  • Newcastle United – Watford: x
  • Newcastle United – Watford: Half time score 0-0
  • Wolves – Tottenham: 1

In this case, the odds which a bookmaker will give you could for example be 140/1. Betting just a dollar would earn you $140 if all your predictions will be correct. However, having one wrong will cause you to lose your bet. That could already happen if Newcastle – Watford has a half-time score of 1-0 or if Sadio Mané scores the opening goal instead of Salah.


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How are accumulator bets calculated?

A sportsbook (online bookmaker) uses a special platform to automatically calculate the odds for an accumulator bet. It can be as simple as a multiplication of each individual bet. Let's go back to our first example to explain.

Odds for a bet on a single match in the Serie A:

  • Juventus – Empoli (1 = 1.20, x = 6.3, 2 = 14.8)
  • Fiorentina – Lazio Roma (1 = 2.5, x = 3.3, 2 = 2.8)
  • AC Milan – Lecce (1 = 1.25, x = 5.5, 2 = 13.5)
  • Bologna – Sampdoria (1 = 2.1, x = 3.2, 2 = 4.7)

However, we have made the following accumulator bet:

  • Juventus – Empoli: 1
  • Fiorentina – Lazio: x
  • AC Milan – Lecce: 1
  • Bologna – Sampdoria: 2

A betting site might for example calculate the odds for this bet as 1.2 x 3.3 x 1.25 x 4.7, which would total 23.265. Betting $1 could therefore lead to a pay-out of $23.26 if you win. However, sometimes extra data points are added into the formula. For each extra selection you add to your bet, the odds may rise even further. Therefore the odds of this accumulator bet could be as easily 25/1 or perhaps even 27/1 depending on the bookmaker.

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Accumulator Bet Tips: Comparing odds

If you want to place accumulator bets it is therefore always a good option to compare the odds at multiple sports betting pages. If you build your own accumulator bet the sportsbook will always show you the odds for your bet before you continue with actually placing your bet. You will probably see that sometimes there can be quite a difference in the way how certain bookmakers calculate odds for such accumulator bets. Nothing stops you from placing your accumulator bet at the sportsbook which gives you the best odds.

Playing and puzzling a bit with your accumulator bet is generally a great idea. For example, in the above example you might not be very certain about what to predict for the Fiorentina vs Lazio Roma match. Although we have predicted a draw in the above example, you might think this game could as easily end up in a Fiorentina win or a win for the away squad. The odds of this particular match kind of show this as well that anything is possible as the differences are rather small. Compare that to the AC Milan vs Lecce game, where the bookmaker thinks the chances of this match ending in a draw or a win for Lecce are highly unlikely.

It can therefore be fun to play a bit around with your bet before you finally place it. Will the odds change dramatically if we predict a Fiorentina win instead of a draw? What if we add another game altogether to this accumulator bet or try to predict the final score of one of this games instead of simply picking which side will win? An accumulator betting tip from experienced punters will always play a bit around with their bets until they have found the perfect compromise bet!

Where to place accumulator bets?

If you want to place some accumulator bets, you need to search for a good quality online sportsbook which allows you to create your own combined bets. The biggest sportsbooks in Africa all use a great quality sports betting platform which allows you to do so. In particular, we recommend you to try out these sports betting pages if you want to place accumulator bets:

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All of these sports betting websites are fully licenced. This means that your money is safe, the odds are all fair and your betting profits will be paid out extremely fast. Moreover, these betting websites do fully welcome African gamblers. If you live in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon, Tanzania or another African nation, you will be able to sign up at these sports betting pages.
If you haven't used one of these betting sites before you can also claim a great welcome bonus. Such a welcome bonus allows you to place a couple of free bets – including accumulator bets. It's a great way to test out one of these sportsbooks and try if you can predict the right right match outcomes and win something!

Where to find great accumulator bet tips?

Although you can always create your own accumulator bet, a lot of people across Africa look for tips from sports betting experts to point them towards the best possible bets. There are lots of betting experts on the internet which can point you at interesting betting options. Some are also great when it comes to match predictions. Of course, you can always copy a bet 1 on 1 from these experts if you trust their tips. All you need to is create the same accumulator bet and fill in the same match predictions!
A lot of punters don't necessarily copy such accumulator bet tips 1 on 1 but use them as inspiration, which is perfectly fine as well. For example, you might find a great accumulator bet tip in which 5 matches are combined into one bet with great odds. However, you may not agree with the prediction of one of these five matches and actually think the result will be different. In that case, nothing stops you from creating the same accumulator bet, only to fill a different result at that particular match. The software of the sportsbook will recalculate the odds.


Accumulator Bet Tips from miss Africa

Accumulator bets are beloved among sports betting punters across Africa and the wider world for good reason. These accumulator bets often are the perfect compromise between having a good chance at actually predicting the right results and winning your bet and still having high enough odds to earn a great pay-out.
The great thing about accumulator bets is that you are in charge. You can add any match and any statistic to an accumulator bet and make them as large as you want. This way, you can build up some pretty formidable odds which might give you some unparalleled pay-outs if you happen to predict all the matches right. Hopefully your next accumulator bet will win you a big sum of money!

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