Sports Betting: Our Top Football Match Predictions

Sports betting is an immensely popular activity all over the world and also in Africa millions of people love to bet on sports like football, thinking they know the right predictions of every match. Even though most people who like sports betting have a good knowledge about their preferred sport such as football, that doesn't always equals getting a profit out of your bets. That's why sports betting enthusiasts do not only keep a close watch on their favourite sport and all the latest news, but also read all kinds of match previews and predictions.

On this page, we will talk about football match predictions. At Africa Casino Hub, we have our own in-house football experts who will talk you through all upcoming matches and give their own predictions. Our football experts are also able to point you at some of the best odds you can find and show you the best betting sites where you can place your bets. Although we of course cannot guarantee that our experts will have it right all the time and you should always make your own betting decisions, we do hope that the information on this website will help you with that.

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Why football match previews and predictions matter

There are a couple of reasons why it is important to read the opinions, match previews and predictions of football experts before you place your bets. Our football experts keep a close watch on all the latest news and trends in the world's top competitions such as the English Premiership, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1, Spanish La Liga, the UEFA Champions League. They watch almost every single football game in person and are in the known about historical match data and current trends such as winning or losing streaks. Our experts also keep a close watch on the rosters of each football team and know when injured, suspended or in-form or out-of-form players might make a difference.

It's not all just about the game of football however as when it comes to sports betting also the betting odds are hugely important. You can bet on Real Madrid to beat a lower league team at their home stadium of the Bernabéu, but such a bet will not win you some big money due to the low odds and the extreme likelihood that Real Madrid will indeed be the winner. If you want to make a nice profit at sports betting, you will have to search for exactly the right matches to bet on. To be precise, you want to bet on football matches which offer a good compromise between decent odds and the amount of available insider information which allows you to make some good, informed predictions.

This is where our football betting experts come in handy most as they show you the best accumulator and parlay bets. This can be a single bet on a combination of different matches, or a bet which does not involve predicting the final score of a match but also things like the first goal scorer, the first player to receive a yellow card and other aspects of the game.

Meet our football betting experts!

So let's take a look at Africa Casino Hub's own in-house football betting experts below! They are all close followers of both the beautiful game of football as well as sports betting pages, so they know exactly where you can place some promising bets.

Samuel Abubakar
Latest posts by Samuel Abubakar (see all)

Samuel, who is originally from Nigeria but works and lives in the United Kingdom, is our expert on the English Premiership and all the lower English football leagues. As someone who has followed English football from up close for the last 20 years, he knows how to interpret official data and statistics and use it to his benefit when betting on matches. Samuel will not only deliver our match predictions and previews for the English Premiership and lower leagues, but will occasionally dive into the world of Scottish football and the UEFA Champions League and Europa League as well.

Ousmane Diouf
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Ousmane is our expert on French football and keeps a close watch on all matches in the Ligue 1. Being born to French and Senegalese parents, Ousmane shares a love for football in both France and Africa. He therefore often shares his predictions for football matches in France such as World Cup qualifiers as well as the top international tournaments such as the Africa Cup and European Championships.

Adam Sainz
Latest posts by Adam Sainz (see all)

Michael is our to-go-guy for football match predictions for the German Bundesliga, Dutch Eredivisie and Belgium's Jupiler Pro League. Living in Germany just a few miles from the border with Holland, Michael has been visiting the matches of his beloved Borussia Mönchengladbach football team inside the stadium since childhood. Knowing all about football history and historical data, Michael tries to use as much analytics as possible in his football betting predictions.

Adam follows the Spanish La Liga and Italian Serie A for us. Living in Kenya, Adam has always been a fan of the rich football history of Spain and Italy since the days Diego Armando Maradona played at Barcelona and Napoli. Having followed both national competitions from up close since, Adam knows a lot about the best betting possibilities for the Spanish La Liga and Italian Serie A and regularly shares his football match predictions.

Where to follow our expert match predictions?

Our football experts will regularly post their match predictions, previews and betting odds here on our website. At Africa Casino Hub, we also have a huge amount of general information about sports betting, online casinos and other forms of gambling which is specially tailored towards the perspective of African gamblers.

We also recommend you to follow our social media pages where our sports experts regularly share their expert opinions and betting tips.

However, just reading expert opinions on the internet is in our opinion certainly not enough. If you are truly serious about sports betting, we also recommend you to watch the football matches yourself and stay up-to-date through official channels such as social media pages of football clubs and sports papers and news websites. After all, the more knowledge you have about football, the better you will be able to make the right predictions!

Where to bet on football matches?

On Africa Casino Hub you can find an overview of all the best sports betting websites where you can place some bets on football matches. It is important that you only place bets on licenced, reliable sports betting sites if you want to ensure that your money and personal data is safe and that you will be paid out on time if you manage to win a bet. Therefore we only highlight fully licenced sports betting pages with a proven track record when it comes to reliability, trustworthiness and honesty. We have reviewed all of these sports betting pages especially for you. In these sports betting website reviews you can learn about all the pros and cons of each page, as well as information on all the available sports and bets, payment options and much more.

Most of these sports betting pages (often called a sportsbook or online bookmaker as well) give away a welcome bonus to new customers – all for free! If you sign up at these sports betting sites, you are often eligible for 100 euro/dollar worth of free bets, or even more! Such welcome bonuses are not only an excellent way to try out sports betting if you have never done this before, but they are also great for experienced punters who perhaps want to try out a new online sportsbook.

If you register at a sports betting page and claim a welcome bonus, make sure you do read the terms and conditions carefully as there might be some restrictions when it comes to the usage of the bonus.

Try out some different bets

A lot of sports betting pages nowadays also offer casino games as well as bingo and lotto competition in which you can partake. With a single account at a betting website, you can thus bet on football matches and other sports and play all kinds of fun casino games and lotteries! If sports betting is somehow not working out for you, just try out another game as perhaps you may be more lucky in some other gambling activities.


Sports betting – and especially betting on football matches – is a popular activity in Africa and the wider world. Although we all think we know a lot about the beautiful game of football and its players and teams (and many people in fact really do have a lot of knowledge) it is not always enough to make a profit when betting on matches. That's where expert match previews and predictions come in handy – and at Africa Casino Hub we have our own crop of experts who can give you all advice you need about the best football bets.

Match predictions are not simply about predicting the winning team as there are so many more important factors at play when it comes to sports betting. It's equally important to find the best available betting odds and to select the right matches to bet on. That's for example when accumulator and parlay bets come into play – and our experts can point you at the best football match combinations to bet on. These bets are often the perfect compromise between having a high probability of guessing the right outcome but still having decent betting odds to actually earn you a nice profit.