Best African Casinos With a Cashback Bonus

An intriguing and often overlooked casino bonus which is handed out by lots of African casinos is the cashback bonus. Compared to the deposit bonus and the free spins bonus, this casino bonus doesn't always sound as glamorous in the ears of many players. However, it would be a huge mistake to overlook a cashback bonus. In our opinion, a good cashback bonus deal can even beat the highest of deposit and free spins bonuses!

In this little guide we will tell you all you need to know about the casino cashback bonus. How does a casino cashback bonus work exactly? What are the reasons why you should actively search for this particular bonus? And last but certainly not least: What are the best African casinos which currently offer a cashback bonus to its players? We will explore all of this and much more in this casino cashback guide – so read on if you want to maximise your casino bonuses and profit!

What is a casino cashback bonus?

A cashback bonus is basically a bonus in which you get part of the money back which you have lost in an online casino. This amount of money will then be returned to your online casino account, basically giving you a second chance to hopefully win something with it the next time you place some bets!

Let's take a look at a simple example to explain the cashback bonus. An online casino might for example give you a weekly 10% cashback bonus of up to $100 in total. That means that if you lose $400 in a week at that casino, 10% of this amount ($40) will be credited back to your online account. A cashback bonus will always state how high the cashback percentage is and what the frequency of the bonus is. Nowadays, there are quite some online casinos which give a weekly cashback bonus, which means that every week again you could get some part of your money back if you happen to lose.

At the moment, these are some of the best African online casinos which are known to have cashback bonus deals:

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  • Fantastic games and Sports Book

All of these online casinos are fully licenced, have frequent cashback bonus promotions and accept players from all kinds of African countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Cameroon and many others.

How does a cashback bonus work?

So let's take a look at the practicalities and see how a cashback bonus exactly works. The online casino with a cashback bonus will first of all what the exact time frame is over which the cashback bonus will be calculated. For example, a casino might say that it will calculate your potential losses over a week-long period from 00.00am on a Monday until 23.59pm on a Sunday. If your losses were $400 over that period and the cashback bonus deal is 10%, then 40 dollar will be returned to your online account. You are then free to use this money again at any casino game of your choice – or you can perhaps again withdraw it if you want.

However, do note that the cashback bonus is always calculated over your net result in the entire time frame. If you have won $200 playing blackjack on Tuesday but lose $400 on Saturday, it means that you net losses in that week are $200. In this case your cashback bonus will thus be calculated over $200 – and not $400. Most online casinos which have a cashback bonus have handy tools built into your online account which allow you to track your gambling results over the entire period so you have a good idea what your net losses or profit is so far.

When can you get a cashback bonus?

Cashback bonuses can be handed out as welcome bonus, in which case they are often indefinite and count as long as you play at a certain online casino, or as a special bonus promotion. In such a case, a cashback bonus deal might only be temporarily or for a certain category of games only.

Are there cashback bonus restrictions?

One great aspect of the cashback bonus is that it usually has far less restrictions than a deposit bonus or free spins bonus. However, you should still read the cashback bonus terms and conditions to check what kind of cashback rules there are in place at the online casino where you are playing. Although there certainly are a few premium online casinos with an unlimited cashback deal, some casinos have set a cap (maximum level) on the amount of money you can receive with a cashback bonus. If this is the case, this will be clearly communicated by the casino in the bonus offer or in the terms and conditions. For example, a casino might have a weekly 20% cashback deal up to a maximum of $500. That means that at most you can receive 500 dollar back as cashback bonus – which you would get if you would have lost at least $2,500 in a week.

Cashback bonuses often do not have wagering requirements, which is another reason why this is a great bonus. You can thus either bet the money again, or withdraw it if you don't want to gamble more but rather want to cash it out. However, there are a few online casinos which do have wagering requirements for their cashback bonus, in which situation this will be clearly notified in their terms and conditions. In such cases you will probably find that the wagering requirement will be lower than those of a deposit or free spins bonus.

Which African casinos have a cashback bonus?

There are quite a few quality online casinos in Africa with a cashback bonus. We recommend the following premium online casinos to African players in search of a great cashback bonus deal.

All of the above online casinos are fully licenced and regulated and accept players from Africa. Whether you live in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa or another African country – at these online casinos you can play all your favourite casino games and claim some exciting bonus deals and other promotions! Of all these online casinos you can find a review here at Africa Casino Hub which will give you a lot of information about them. The pros and cons of all these casinos are listed, the casino games you can play are discussed and everything what you need to know about welcome bonuses is explained.

Why is a cashback bonus such a good bonus?

Although it is a matter of personal preference whether you prefer a cashback bonus, a free spins bonus or a deposit bonus, there are some good reasons why a cashback bonus might be the best of them all. Of course, a bonus of 200 free spins or a 100% deposit bonus of up to $200 might sound a lot more attractive to the ear, but they aren't always more profitable. A cashback bonus might be of much more value if you plan to play at a certain online casino for quite a while longer.

Let's take a look at an example here. If you would play at an online casino for a year and regularly bet $100 a week, chances are that you will have quite some weeks in which you will lose that entire amount if you happen to run out of luck. Let's say that during 20 weeks of a year you end up with a $100 loss – which would total $2,000. If you would play at a casino with a 10% cashback bonus, you get $200 deposited back to your account as a cashback bonus. That could easily be the same amount as the average welcome deposit bonus – with the big difference that such bonuses often have much more restrictions than a cashback bonus.

As you can see, a cashback bonus can be especially beneficial for players who play regularly or for rich gamblers who have a big bankroll and who bet big sums of money. Especially high rollers – casino players who love high stakes gambling and aren't afraid to place bets of one hundred or one thousand dollars or more – can benefit from a cashback bonus deal. In such a case, you might easily be able to get several thousands of dollars back as part of a cashback bonus! However, you should carefully check whether the online casino indeed has an unlimited cashback deal and whether their cashback bonus is not capped at a certain maximum level.


If you live in Africa and want to maximise your online casino bonus strategy you should definitely look out for a cashback bonus. A cashback bonus can be just as good as a deposit bonus or free spins bonus – and in some cases it can be even much more profitable. Frequent casino visitors and high rollers especially should look out for a cashback bonus deal as for them it will be the most beneficial of all gamblers.

There are a couple of quality African online casinos which currently offer cashback bonus deals and we have made an overview of these casinos here on our website. Of course, all of the online casinos which we discuss at Africa Casino Hub are fully licenced and have a great reputation for reliability, safety, fairness and honesty. These online casinos all have great game collections. With your bonus money, you can play some exciting casino games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, poker and of course video slots.

Of all these casinos, we have written a review, in which we honestly discuss the pros and cons and discuss all practicalities of each casino. We also show you which of those online casinos have the best welcome bonus for players in Africa, including all kinds of deposit bonuses, free spins bonuses and cashback deals. Take a look at our list of top African casinos, sign up for a free online account and claim one of those bonuses!

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