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Betting Tips for Correct scores

If you like to bet on sports and are searching for some useful tips how you can predict the correct score of a football or other sports match, you have come to the right place. Here at Africa Casino Hub we will provide you with some of our top tips how you can predict the right score and win some money! If you want to be more successful in sports betting, read on as our tips will hopefully help improve your results!

Predict the correct score

Of course, sports betting is all about your ability to predict the correct score or outcome of a match. Whether you like to bet on football or another sport such as basketball, rugby or cricket, it's all about predicting the right score or winner. This automatically means that you need some bit of sport knowledge or intuition – as without this you are unlikely to get far. Besides this, you also require a healthy dose of luck in order to win!

However, sports betting pros will know that there are many more skills involved in this field of gambling. In this guide we will show you some of our tips which will hopefully help you to predict the correct score for your next bet.

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Place your bets at the right sportsbook

Before we take our look at our correct score tips we first want to emphasise the importance of betting at the right sportsbook. There are a lot of sports betting pages in Africa, but not all of them are equal.
It's important that you only place bets on a fully licenced sportsbook, as only this way you are sure that your money is safe and the odds are fair. Besides, it's also a guarantee that you will get paid out fast if you happen to place a winning bet. Moreover, only the good quality sportsbooks offer a user-friendly platform where you have the possibility to bet on any sport, competition or match in the world and where it's easy to place your bets.

If you want to know more about these sportsbooks, check out the reviews we have written about these sports betting sites. All of these sportsbooks welcome punters from Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and many other African nations. You can even get a great welcome bonus if you sign up, which will allow you to place a couple of free bets!

Read up on sports

If you want to predict the correct score of a sports match, one of the best tips we can give you is quite simple: Read up! Make sure that you are up to date about all the latest news about your favourite sport. If you want to bet on matches in the English Premiership, it's highly advised that you read English sports papers and internet websites. This way, you know everything about the form of the football teams and players and what experts and pundits are predicting.
Most newspaper and sports websites will feature match previews. When you read these articles, you will know whether there are any injuries or players missing a match due to a suspension, all valuable data points which could influence your bet. Similarly, it's good to keep an eye about the expected starting line-up whether or not a team might be resting some of its key players.
Let's say you want to bit on a match like Manchester City vs Southampton. The home side will be the firm favourites, but a bet on the outsiders of Southampton might be worthwhile if you find out that some key players of Manchester City are kept out of the squad due to injury, match suspension or because they are rested.



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Watch the matches

If you have the time, it's also a great idea to actually watch the matches you are betting on. This is even a total must if you want to do live betting during a match! You cannot properly bet on something if you aren't aware what you are actually betting on. Having a feel of how a match is going is vital. Similarly, it's good to have a general feel of developments during a football season of what the trends are at that moment in a competition. Only by watching matches on TV will you be able to have a good overview and to develop your own outlook on the game.

Don't forget about data analysis

More and more sports betting punters use data analysis to predict the correct score of a match – and one of our tips for you is to do the same. Let's take football for example. There are a lot of great websites and services on the internet (such as OPTA for example) which collect all kind of match data on football teams and individual players. This is of course primarily used to analyse a match which has just been played, but if done right it can also be used to predict a match result or score. Let's take a look at an example to make this point more clear.

Let's say we want to bet on a football match between Team A and Team B. By looking at the data, we might find out that Team A has been conceding a lot of goals from corners and free kicks. This clearly means that this team isn't particularly good in defending set pieces. It also suggests that the defenders of this team might struggle with crosses from the sidelines and defending high balls into the box. However, to confirm this it is a good idea to look up on the statistics. What are the percentages of headers won of the players of Team A? How do these percentages compare to other teams in the same football league?

Data analysis conclusions

If they are low and clearly below average, you know that Team A might be vulnerable against teams with tall, powerful strikes. Similarly, this team will struggle against team with a high percentage of goals from set pieces from corners and free kicks, as well as teams which are known for playing a lot of high balls into the box or crosses from the sidelines. If Team B is such a team, you might want to put your money on them. However, if Team B is a more technical side which isn't that great at set pieces or heading, they are unlikely to exploit this particular weakness of Team A.
As you can see, interpreting match data can help you predicting matches! Although it might not help you directly with predicting the correct score, it can give you valuable information about whether a match might be worth betting on depending on the odds.

Follow sports betting experts

Although you can (and should) implement all of the above tips if you like sports betting, you can also leave it to our experts. There are a couple of great sports websites on the internet where experts give their opinion on matches. These can be divided into two sorts:

Sports betting prediction websites

We recommend you to check both. The first category – general sports websites or sports newspapers – will often feature true sports experts who share their predictions. These are often ex-players and sportsmen or TV analysts and the like. Their insider knowledge is highly valuable and you should take it seriously. As these people follow the sport as a professional occupation, they often have much more knowledge, information and a better gut feeling than the average fan.
The second category are sports betting prediction websites. Although the people giving opinion on these websites do generally not have the same professional knowledge about the sport itself, they compensate this by having a much better overview of sports betting in general. It's one thing to be able to predict the score of a match – but it's something entirely different to make a profit out of it with sports betting. If Bayern Munich plays Union Berlin at home, everyone can tell you that the home side is the favourite to win. However, is it a great match to bet on? The fact that a bet on Bayern Munich will have extremely low odds doesn't make it an attractive bet as even if you predict it right (which is very likely) you will barely win much money at all.

Chase the right odds

Sports betting experts will be able to give great tips and predictions – not only for you to predict the correct score but also to point you to the right matches to bet on. Sports betting experts will have compared all the odds and know what the potential lucrative bets are. Often, this involves accumulator bets in which several matches are grouped together in one giant bet. This has the advantage of having higher odds, so if you do indeed predict all the scores right you will profit from a much bigger pay-out.
There are many great sports betting prediction websites on the internet. However, we suggest you to start right here at Africa Casino Hub. Our own team of sports betting experts can point you at the best accumulator bets. These betting experts have an in-depth knowledge about sports and all the major football competitions in the world and use data analysis in their match predictions. If you want to stay up-to-date about all their latest predictions and sports betting insights, we highly advise you to regularly check Africa Casino Hub and to follow us on social media.
However, there are plenty more websites besides ours which are great to follow. By all means, check out as many as you want! There is no such a thing as gathering too much information and reading and learning too much about sports betting. Even the true sports betting experts keep on learning every day!


There are several ways how you can predict the correct score of a sports match – and in this article we mentioned our top tips. Although some of these tips might look straightforward enough, it's important to keep them in mind. If you want to become a real sports betting expert and win money on a regular basis with your bets, you must know all the latest news about your favourite sport. Therefore, you must watch the matches and read all the latest news and analysis.
Moreover, it's important to realise that it's not only about predicting the correct score, as you should also look for the best odds and the right betting tips if you want to maximise your earnings. Sports betting experts can point you at the right sportsbooks to place your bets and provide great examples of accumulator bets which include upcoming matches. Have a look at Africa Casino Hub for the best sportsbooks in Africa and our own top betting tips and advice!

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