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There are lots of sport betting websites on the internet with betting tips on fixed matches which supposedly give you a guaranteed pay-out. Reportedly, the games these websites promote are “fixed” with the match results being predetermined. They say that you can safely bet your money on these matches and there is no way how you could ever end up losing.
Unfortunately, all of this is simply not true. Websites promoting fixed match betting are fake at best or a downright scam at worst. In this guide, we explain you all you need to know about fixed match betting and why you should be very careful with this. However, we will also point you at some legitimate ways how you can safely bet on sports!

What is a fixed match?

A fixed match is a game in which the outcome has been predetermined by someone. That means that even before the match starts, the result will already be clear. Fixed matches, games or races can happen in any kind of sport. There are fixed football matches, but also fixed boxing matches or even horse races.



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Let's take two popular sports as an example here: Football and boxing. A fixed football match could for example be a match in which a team is told that they have to lose. Sometimes, bribes are involved. For example, the goalkeeper and some defenders of a football team might be bribed. They are given a couple of thousands of dollars cash and in return have to promise that they will make their side lose the game – preferably in a way which doesn't arise any suspicion. A defender could perhaps “accidentally” let an attacker dribble across him by purposely mistiming his tackle. A goalkeeper could make an enormous blunder and let a weak shot slip through his fingers. Thanks to their mistakes, their side will lose the game.

In boxing, a boxer could be bribed by someone as well. The boxer may be told that he can get a $10,000 bribe if he will get down in the fourth round of the match. Especially for amateur sportsmen or lower league teams who don't earn that much it is a lot of money. Athletes who don't have good morals and integrity may fall for it.

Why are some matches fixed?

There is one major reason why matches are fixed: People can win a lot of money with it. If you know the result or outcome of a match in advance, it is of course easy to make a fortune with sports betting. Criminal gangs and mafia members make millions of dollars profit this way. They simply have to bribe the right persons, place a couple of bets, and then cash out when they win. Even if they have to bribe two football players $10,000 each, they might easily earn a million dollar by placing some big bets on the match.

Unfortunately, fixed matches do exist in sports. Even in recent history, there have been some major match fixing scandals in football and other sports. Players and even referees have admitted taking bribes and entire match-fixing gangs have been rolled up by the police. Needless to say, match fixing is completely illegal and you should therefore stay far away from it.

Fixed match bets

If you have searched the internet for betting tips and match predictions, you may have come across some websites promising you “fixed match bets” or “fixed match tips” and the like. Although this may look enticing, you should stay far away from such websites. There is one thing which you should realise, and that is that such websites are all fake. At worst, such websites could be a complete scam.
When you think of it clearly, you can instantly see why such websites are fake. Match fixing is illegal and the persons involved in it can get lengthy jail sentences. Athletes and players which are bribed by match fixing gangs can easily get a lifetime ban in their sport. As you can see, the stakes are high for everyone involved in this illegal activity. This is why those involved are usually tight-lipped about all of this. Telling everyone about a fixed match risks compromising themselves and tipping off the police. If a match is fixed, the only ones who need to know about it are the bribed players and the criminal gang which is placing the bets. Involving to many others puts their entire business model at risk, so to speak!
So if you think about it like this, why would anyone give away information about a fixed match for free to someone they don't even know? What do they have to win with it? The answer is simple: Nothing. They only have a lot to lose. This is why you should distrust anyone who promises you inside knowledge of fixed matches. When something is too good to be true, it almost always is.

Fixed Match Betting

Fixed match scams

Even though there are quite a few bad internet pages and people giving fake advice about fixed matches, there is even a category of websites which is worse. We're talking now about outright scams in which you will lose your money. These internet websites promise you insider information about fixed matches in exchange for a payment. This can be a one-time payment or even a subscription service in which you need to pay a monthly amount in order to receive fixed match betting tips. Again, all of this is fake. You will simply end up losing your money without getting anything valuable in exchange.

Beware of Scam sites!

After all, even when you have paid the money and find out that the tips you receive are worthless, there is nothing you can do. You cannot ask for your money back and you will have nowhere to complain. After all, given that match fixing is illegal they know that it's highly unlikely that any victims of the scam will complain to the police. Even if some do, the people behind such scam websites are almost untouchable as they operate from countries where international law enforcement agencies cannot catch them. Any money paid will be long gone and out of reach of financial institutions to claim back as well.

Another way how to trick punters in search of fixed match tips is to send them to unreliable betting sites. Such scam websites – some of them even freely accessible – might send you to an unlicensed betting site to place your bets. Even if you do win your bet at such websites, you will have no guarantee that you will ever be paid out. This is why you should always bet at a fully licenced sports betting site or bookmaker.

Where can I safely bet on sports?

You can win some money with sports betting if you are lucky. However, you should always try to win with sports betting in a fair way and not with unfair and illegal practices such as fixed matches. That's why you need to use your own sports knowledge and intuition in the first place. Of course, you can also read some legitimate match predictions as they could certainly prove helpful. However, you should always ignore promises of fixed matches and links to unlicensed and dodgy betting sites.

At Africa Casino Hub you can find a couple of reviews of fully licenced sports betting sites. These online sportsbooks all accept players from most countries in Africa. Whether you live in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana or Kenya, you can safely bet at these sports betting sites. These websites are regulated by governmental gambling authorities and all have stellar reputations across Africa and the wider world. Both deposits and pay-outs are processed extremely fast and a number of convenient payment options are available. In case you might face a problem, you will find that the customer service can be easily reached by e-mail, phone, social media or live chat. At the moment, these are the best sports betting pages in Africa which we can all highly recommend:



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Where I can find good match predictions?

Although you should distrust fixed match predictions and tips on the internet, that doesn't mean that all sports betting advice is bad. On the contrary, you can find some excellent advice, betting tips and match prediction on our website! There are certainly some qualified experts with a lot of insider knowledge about sports and betting. You would be mad not to use such information to your own advantage! However, you have to realise that such information never guarantees you a win. It can certainly improve your results and own betting skills, but it will never be a guarantee that you will win.

A good place to start for great match predictions and betting information is right here at Africa Casino Hub. Our in-house experts can give you information about the best betting odds as well as some intriguing betting options such as the best accumulator bets. By using historical data and match analyses, they also provide you with great insights and match predictions. Especially when it comes to football matches in Europe's largest competitions you will find their insider knowledge to be highly useful.
However, there are plenty of more websites besides ours where you can find interesting betting tips and match predictions. By all means, take in as much information as possible! We also recommend you to watch matches on TV and to read as much information in newspapers and on the internet about the sport on which you want to bet. The more knowledge and information you get, the better it is! Just don't forget that in the end it is you who has to place the bet. It is you who is risking your own money. Although it is always good to listen to the advice of others, the betting decisions are fully yours in the end.


Unfortunately, match fixing happens in sports. This illegal activity in which criminal gangs and mafia members are involved discredits the universal values of sports such as fair play and honest competition. You should never get involved in it for these reasons alone. Besides, websites on the internet promising you fixed match bets are all fake – or at worst outright scams. You will simply end up losing your money by following such websites or clicking on their links.
It is important that you always place your bets at a licenced sportsbook. Only fully licenced sports betting sites provide a safe environment in which you can place your bets. Take a look at our selection of fully licenced sports betting sites if you want to be sure your money and data is safe. We have written a review of each of these sports betting pages, so you can read for yourself whether or not it might be a suitable website for you.
At these sports betting pages you can get a great welcome bonus if you sign up. With such a bonus you can place a couple of free bets – an excellent way to try out these sites!

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