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Football or soccer is by far the most popular sport at online betting sites and punters are always trying to look for match predictions and tips to win some money. Although it always helps if you have some knowledge about the game of football yourself, you can get a long way in sports betting by listening to the right advice. Moreover, even the most experienced punters can always learn something new or gain new insights by looking up football betting tips.
In this guide we show you our best betting tips if you like to put some money on football games. Although these tips don't guarantee that you will win some money, they will help improve your insights into sports betting and football. Curious about our top football betting tips? Read on and find out what our advice is!

Football betting

If you like to bet on football there are a huge number of possible bets which you can place. Of course, you can just bet on a single match and try to predict the winner or the final score. However, it's also possible to bet on such things as the scorer of the first goal, the first player to receive a yellow card, the half-time score – you name it! You can basically bet on any kind of statistic, up to the final number of corner kicks in the match. Live betting is a popular option too. This allows you place bets while a match is already on the way, with the odds constantly changing depending on how the game evolves.
Accumulator bets are another highly popular betting option in football. This is basically one giant bet in which you have to predict the winner or final scores of multiple matches. You need to have all of them correct in order to win the bet – having just one wrong will mean you lose. Although this is obviously much harder to do than predicting the outcome of a single match, the odds are much higher and you can win some fantastic pay-outs if you do manage to get it right.

Best Football betting sites

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Follow the action

Betting of Football can be very rewarding. Check out our tips to win more

So let's start with our top football betting tips! Although our first tip might seem quite straightforward, it's vital to underscore its importance. It's always best to bet on a sport which you follow and have some knowledge about. When it comes to football betting, it's obviously easiest to bet on matches in a competition which you know well. If you watch English football a lot, betting on games in the Premiership, Championship or FA Cup will be the most logical. If you like to bet on the Champions League, it is highly advisable that you try to watch all the matches or at least see the highlights.
This way, you get a good idea of the form of each football club and their players. It will certainly make betting a lot easier if you know who is actually involved and what the current situation is in football.

Read all the news

Related to the above, you should also try to read as much football news as you can. It's always good to read post-match reports and analyses and see what the experts have to say. However, when it comes to betting it's even better to read match previews before the game starts. This can be a great source of information which will help you with your bets. It's best to look up such game previews in newspapers or specialist football websites. In such previews you can often find important details of which players of a team are in form, who is missing because of injury or suspension and what the historical background is of the match.

Analyse match data

Similarly, it can be of great help to analyse match data. This can be done by analysing the strengths and weakness of the opposing teams by looking at official data of their previous matches. Opta Sports for example provides some excellent data about clubs and players in some of the major football leagues.
You might perhaps learn by looking at some stats that players from Team A have been conceding a lot of goals from corners and free kicks, which would suggest they have a problem defending set pieces and might have defenders who aren't terribly good at jumping and heading. If they would then face a team which has scored a lot from set pieces or has players with strong individual statistics (such as percentage headers won) that could be a great indicator that Team B will score once or twice from the air.
Looking at historical match data can also create great insights which can help you with football betting. You might for example realise that although one team is the clear favourite to win a match because they are the bigger club, the underdog opponents might be a team with which they have historically struggled. Those are always great matches to try a bet on the underdog as most bookmakers will likely still give fairly low odds for the big club and high odds for the underdogs.

Bet on the right match

Finding the right odds is important if you want to maximise your profit with football betting. This is true in two ways. First of all, you need to find a trustworthy sports betting website with the best odds for the bets which you are eyeing. Although lots of sportsbooks more or less have similar odds, there can still be big differences. This might not immediately be obvious when you bet on a single match, but can certainly be the case when you want to make an accumulator bet. In that case especially it is a great idea to look around which betting website gives you the highest potential pay-out for your bet.
Secondly, finding the right odds also has to do with the bets you make. Betting on Bayern Munich to beat a club from the Second Bundesliga at home will have extremely low odds which are hardly worth to bet on. Everyone knows that there is a 99.9% chance that Bayern will indeed win and the bookies will rate accordingly. This will probably not be a great bet to make. However, even though betting on their opponents might give you some very high odds, everyone knows as well that it is highly unlikely that a team from a lower league will win away against Bayern Munich. Again, this will probably not be a great bet to make either.

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Increase your odds

You have to search for the right matches to bet on, one where you both have decent enough odds to make a nice profit but at the same time also one in which you actually have a fair chance of winning by predicting the right outcome. That's why it's important to browse through a sportsbook to search for the right match or matches to bet on.
Another good way of increasing your odds is by creating an accumulator bet in which you add multiple football matches to one giant bet. You have to predict all of these matches right in order to win the bet. For example, an accumulator bet could be predicting whether 4 Premiership matches end in a wine/loss/draw, with one of these matches also requiring you to predict the final score. This way, your odds will be a lot higher as the chances of you predicting everything right are of course lower compared to betting on a single match.
However, the key is that you can combine matches of your own choice in an accumulator bet. This way you can choose the matches which you feel most certain about due to your insights or intuition.

Look for good-quality match predictions

Of course, even the best football expert and most experienced sports betting punters know that it's sometimes smart to listen to advice of others. Whether your are looking for betting tips or match predictions, it certainly can help you to improve your betting results. One place to start is right here at Africa Casino Hub as you can find some world class betting tips from our in-house experts. By reading this site you have access to some of the best insider information about sports betting. Our experts frequently write posts informing you about some highly promising bets with great odds and provide you with match analyses and predictions. We have experts following and giving match predictions for all major football competitions in the world such as the English Premiership, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga, French Ligue 1 and of course the Champions League and other international competitions.
If you want to stay up to date we recommend that you follow Africa Casino Hub on social media (Facebook and Twitter) and to regularly visit the website.

However, there certainly are more betting experts who can provide you with interesting match predictions and other football insights! By all means, try to take in as much advice from as many sources at possible! In the end, you should always realise that it is you who has to make the final decision on who you will bet as your money is at stake.


The above betting tips will hopefully help you to improve your skills and allow you to place a winning football bet. Being a football betting expert means that you need to increase your knowledge and insights about two different fields: football and betting. A great football expert is not necessarily someone who will win a lot of money with betting, and an experienced gambler might still struggle with sports betting if he or she doesn't have the necessary football knowledge.
A good place to start is to watch and read as much about football as you can. Try to get access to some proper match data, analyses and historical records as such information can be of great help when it comes to making predictions. Besides this, it is important that you always search for the best odds and the best possible matches to bet on. All of these steps are equally important when it comes to improving your football betting results.

Want to try to place the winning football bet? Our recommended online sportsbooks are all fully licenced and have a great reputation across Africa for their customer service, available payment options and pay-out speed as well as having a huge amount of matches on which you can bet. If you sign up at one of these sports betting websites you can profit from some free bets as welcome bonus. Give it a try!

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