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If you like to bet on sports, there is one sportsbook bonus deal on which you should have your eyes set: The free bet. Lots of online sportsbooks hand out free bets as a promotion deal to new customers. It is a win-win situation for both, as the online betting site in question will gain a new customer and you as a punter can place one or multiple free bets. Check out the top 3 best sportbook that offer you a free bet here:

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About the free bets bonus

In this guide, we take an in-depth look at the free bet bonus which you can get at any great sportsbook. At the moment, there are a lot of sports betting pages in Africa which have such a free bet bonus for new customers and you would be crazy not to make use of it. Free bets are an excellent way to test out a new sports betting website and to perhaps take a bit more risk with your bet than you normally would do with your own money. So if you do have a keen interest in sports betting and want to maximise your bonus strategy, make sure you do read on!

What is a free bet?

A free bet is a bet on a football game or other sports match which is given to you for free by an online betting site. Instead of betting with money you deposited yourself, you are basically betting with money which you got for free from the online bookmaker! How you exactly do this and whether or not there are any restrictions depends on the sportsbook which you use. However, generally you can place a free bet on any sports event of your choice!

Why does a sportsbook hand out free bets?

The free bet is handed out by online bookmakers in order to promote their betting site and to attract new customers. Online betting sites often have large budgets set aside for such marketing campaigns and promotions as for them its vital to attract new customers. In order to compete with other sport betting pages, they try to make sure they have the best possible welcome bonus for new players. One of these ways to attract new players is handing out free bets to new customers.
However, sportsbooks also use free bets for current customers, not only for newly subscribed customers. It is equally important for an online betting site to keep their current crop of players happy. That's why many online bookmakers hand out free bets to customers as a token of appreciation for their loyalty.

How can you claim a free bet?

Free Bet at

At Africa Casino Hub we have made an overview of the best betting pages in Africa where you can claim a free bet as welcome bonus. At 22Bet for example you can get a Free Bet every Friday. A lot of these sportsbooks are also famous for having recurring promotional deals once you are subscribed, so the bonus fun won't end at the welcome bonus!

All of these online betting sites are fully licenced and accept players from all kinds of African countries such as South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania Cameroon and many others. If you register for an account at one of these sportsbooks, you can claim a free bet welcome bonus!

How to use a free bet?

Using a free bet is rather simple. First, you have to register an online account at a sportsbook which currently has a free bet bonus deal. Having completed your registration, you will often need to make a qualifying deposit. You need to read the welcome bonus terms and conditions of the sportsbook to find out exactly what you need to do to claim the free bet. For example, a sportsbook might have a bonus of a free $50 bet for everyone who deposits at least $100. In that case, all you need to do is to deposit first the required amount to your online sports betting account. Once the money has been deposited on your account, the sportsbook will automatically make the free bet bonus money available.

You can use the free bet bonus money on whatever sport match you want. However, it can be the case sometimes that certain categories of sports or matches are excluded. It can also be the case that there are odds restrictions. Apart from that, the choice is all yours on who you want to bet! Want to use your free bet on Real Madrid beating Barcelona 3-0 at home? On Lewis Hamilton winning the next Formula 1 race? The choice is all yours.


We already talked about a few restrictions in the paragraph above. However, there is one more possible restriction which we must discuss. It can be the case that an online sportsbook in Kenya has a restriction on the maximum amount of money which you can win with a free bet. For example, a sportsbook might have a $50 free bet but have potential winnings from it capped at $200. With your free bet bonus money, you can therefore often only win a certain maximum amount of money at most.

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Are free bet restrictions fair?

Although some restrictions might seem unfair, you should not forget that a free bet bonus is exactly that: Something which has been given for free to you! Therefore, a sports betting page has all the rights to put restrictions on the free bet. If there would be no restrictions at all, it would not be profitable for the sportsbook to hand out such free bets as they would be abused by cunning players. The sportsbook would simply lose too much money on them.
That's exactly why restrictions or terms and conditions are imposed on free bets. You should therefore certainly not compare a free bet with a normal bet, which you can place at leisure at any game of choice without restrictions. It's therefore important that you never forget that you are playing with free bonus money here.

This also is true about the outcome of your free bet. Whether you lose or win, you should always remember that it was free bonus money to begin with. If you happen to lose your bet, nothing is lost as you only used up a free bet – money which wasn't your but which you received all complimentary from the sportsbook. If you happen to win money with your bet, that's only a great extra bonus!

The best African betting sites

If you are looking for the best African betting sites, you have come to the right place. At Africa Casino Hub, we specialise in online sports betting and you can find all information you need about it. This starts with our overview of the best African sports betting sites. All of these sports betting pages are fully licenced and welcome players from a wide variety of African countries. Whether you live in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Egypt, Kenya, Cameroon or somewhere else, you can register an account at these premium sportsbooks:



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All of these sportsbooks use a premium betting platform which is easy to navigate and use. Each and every one of them is optimised for mobile use and some even have a special mobile app which you can download. Betting on sports has never been so easy!

Betting on football

No matter which African country you go to, only one sport is king: football. Africa has always been a football powerhouse and the popularity of the game can be seen in the enthusiasm of African football fans and the number of African football legends who managed to break through in Europe's big leagues over the last decades. It is therefore unsurprising that sports betting is so popular in Africa!
At all of the sports betting pages recommended by us you can use a free bet on almost any football competition in the world. Whether you want to use your free bet on a Premiership match or on a Serie A live bet, it's all certainly possible. Best of all is that also smaller football leagues are featured at these sportsbooks. Although competitions such as the Champions League will always be the most popular, you can also bet on African competitions. Check out the best Sportsbooks in Nigeria here. Even competitions in places as far apart as China and Peru, as well as lower league football, are featured.

Betting on other sports

Football may be Africa's most popular sport, but there are many other sports which are equally fun to watch and to bet on. You can use your free bet on a wide variety of sports at our premium sportsbooks. Betting on American sports such as basketball and American football has for example always been popular in Africa. Martial arts such as boxing and top MMA fights are traditionally also popular among punters. The same can be said about traditional betting sports such as horse racing. However, sportsbooks nowadays even go way beyond normal sports. A lot of sportsbooks have the option to bet on e-sports, ranging from computer game tournaments to virtual simulations of horse races.

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These experts also keep you up to date about the best welcome bonuses and free bets at online sportsbooks. Whenever a new online sportsbook opens up shop, they write a honest, independent review so you know what you can expect from each and every online bookmaker. If you are serious about sports betting and want to maximise your profits, you are certainly at the right place.
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A free bet is a great bonus which you can use to test out a sports betting site. A lot of sportsbooks hand out a free bet bonus as part of their welcome package for newly subscribed members. Upon completing your registration, you will often receive a free bet of $50 or even $100 or more which you can place at a sports match of choice. With a bit of luck, you can win a big amount of money with your free bet!
At Africa Casino Hub you can find the best online sportsbooks with a free bet bonus. All of these online betting sites are fully licenced and accept players from Africa. You can bet on almost any kind of sport or football competition on these easy-to-use betting platforms! Register a free account at one of these top African sportsbooks and claim your free bet bonus now!

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