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Sports betting has always been the most popular form of gambling in Africa. Although lotteries are also widely popular in many African countries and online casino gambling is on the rise, sports betting is still king in Africa. Lots of people across Africa manage to win small and big amounts of money by betting on sports, and this certainly is the main reason why it is so popular. The fact that you can place sports bets directly on your mobile phone is another factor. With easy-to-access sports betting pages and fast mobile and online payments, sports betting has never been so easy.
On this page we will take a closer look at sports betting in Africa. What are the most popular African betting sites? How do you actually place sports bets? What are the most popular sports to bet on? Is sports betting actually legal? Where can I find the best betting tips and match predictions? We will answer all of the above questions right here at Africa Casino Hub!

Best African sports betting pages

At Africa Casino Hub, we have made an overview for you of the best African sports betting pages. Also called sportsbooks or online bookmakers, these sports betting pages are easy to access on your mobile phone. With easy-to-use betting platforms, making deposits and payments is as fast and easy as they can get. When you place a winning bet and manage to win some money, you will see that withdrawals are lightning fast too. Within no-time will you have your winnings paid out!
At the moment, these are the best sports betting pages in Africa:

  • Secure betting site
  • Fast cash outs
  • Best betting site in Africa
  • Quick payments
  • African players welcome
  • Legal online betting

These betting pages are all fully licenced, so you can rest assured that your money and personal data are safely stored and that the betting odds are fair. Moreover, if you manage to win you can be sure that you will indeed get paid out as soon as possible. These are all reasons why you should always bet at a licenced sportsbook – and our top African betting sites all fit the bill.

Football betting

Of all sports, football is by far the most popular in Africa. If you are looking for a great sports betting page for all your football bets, then have a look at our top African football betting sites. When you register at one of these online sportsbooks, you have access to matches in almost all the competitions of the world. Whether you want to bet on a football match in the English Premier League, the Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga or the French Ligue 1, it is all possible. However, you will also be able to bet on lower league matches, all African football competitions and games from lesser known leagues in the world. Of course, betting on major tournaments and live betting is always possible too.

Whatever football team or nation you support, at these top African sports betting pages you will feel right at home. Punters from almost each and every country in Africa are welcomed at these sports betting pages. Whether you live in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe or any other African country, you can always access these sports betting pages to bet on football.

Other sports

Apart from football, you can bet on numerous of other sports at these top African betting sites. Whether you like American sports such as basketball (NBA) and American football (NFL) or sports like athletics, hockey, cycling, rugby or cricket, you can for sure bet on it at these sportsbooks. Other popular sports on which you can easily bet are boxing and other martial arts and horse racing. Motor sports such as Formula 1, NASCAR and the MotoGP are of course also featured.

How to place a sports bet

Placing a sports bet cannot be more simple. You go to one of our recommended sports betting sites, sign up for an online account, and once you are registered you can place bets. However, first you will need to deposit some money to your account. You can usually do this by debit or credit card, bank transfer, internet banking, e-wallet, mobile money, USSD and many other payment services. Once the money has been received on your account, you simply place your bet. If you manage to predict the right winner or result, you win. It's really as simple as that.



  • Best betting site in Africa
  • Quick payments

The amount of money which you win will depend on the betting odds. If you bet on something with high odds the chances that you will win are low, but if you do manage to predict it right your pay-out will be equally high. Low odds means that a certain result is likely to happen. For example, betting on Liverpool to beat a lower league team at home in the FA Cup will likely have very low odds. Of course, you can place a bet on Liverpool, but the pay-out if you win be extremely low. It is therefore important to look for the right bet with the right odds! With this, we can certainly help you here at Africa Casino Hub.

Betting tips and match predictions for football in the English Premiership

Betting tips and match predictions

Being a sports-crazy continent, most people in Africa have an excellent knowledge about football and other sports. However, even the most knowledgeable punters know that they can always improve on their sports betting results. After all, you can always learn something new or get fresh insights. It would also be foolish not to take football insider tips into account when you bet on sports.
If you are serious about sports betting, we first of all recommend that you frequently watch the sport you want to bet on. Besides spending some time in front of the television watching football matches and other sports, it also means reading all the latest news. For example, if you regularly bet on football matches in the English Premiership you need to stay up-to-date about all the latest transfers, injuries, form of the players. Moreover, you can also use historical data of previous matches to predict the outcome of a game.

With all of these things, our experts at Africa Casino Hub can be of help. Here at Africa Casino Hub they regularly provide you with betting tips and match predictions using their own insider knowledge and detailed analysis. Apart from that, our experts will also be able to point you at the best betting odds! These betting tips and match predictions are given free of charge. All you need to do is to regularly check Africa Casino Hub or to follow us on social media!



  • Best betting site in Africa
  • Quick payments

Free sportsbook bets

The great aspect of betting online on football or sports matches is that you will often receive free bets! Online sportsbooks hand out free bets as a bonus to newly registered customers, as well as to loyal punters who frequently use their platform to place bets. The average sportsbook easily hands out free bets worth $50 or $100 and it not uncommon to see sports betting pages given even bonuses of up to 200 US dollar (or the equivalent in your local currency) to new customers or loyal players.
First of all, you should take a look at our recommended sports betting pages, as many of them have a great welcome bonus.

Besides handing out free bets to newly registered customers, these sportsbooks are also known to reward loyal gamblers. If you frequently use these platforms to place sports bets, you will find that there are often special promo deals. These sports betting promotions can for example involve free bets or featured matches with special odds. Of course, at Africa Casino Hub we will keep you up to date as to which betting page has the hottest deals! However, we still recommend you to sign up to the mailing list and social media pages of the sportsbook you use and to keep a close watch at their promotions page for any new bonus deals.

Legality of sports betting in Africa

Africa is a large continent made up of multiple countries – 54 at the time of writing. As all of these countries have their own laws regarding online gambling, it is impossible to give one answer here. In many African countries online gambling is legal and fully regulated, in some countries it's semi-legal and barely regulated, while in others it is outright banned. Although even people from countries where gambling is officially banned can often easily do so online at a sports betting page, you should be careful with this and always respect and follow the local laws in your country.

Fortunately, many African countries allow people to gamble online. In countries like Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya, sports betting is regulated and legal. Check our guide to online gambling in Nigeria, guide to online gambling in Ghana, guide to online gambling in Kenya and our guide to online gambling in South Africa to find out more about the legal status of sports betting in these countries.


Sport betting is a exciting activity which is done on a regular basis by millions of people across Africa. Besides the chance to win a big sum of money, many people like to bet on sports simply because it is fun to do so. Betting on football or another sports has never been so easy in Africa. There are dozens of excellent, fully licenced sports betting pages where you can sign up as an African sports fan. At Africa Casino Hub we have a great overview of all premium African sportsbooks. All of these online sports betting pages have a great reputation, offer speedy payments and an easy-to-use platform. Of course, all of these sports betting pages can be accessed on your mobile phone and some even have a special mobile app.

If you like to bet on sports, make sure you benefit from welcome bonuses and free bets at our premium sportsbooks. Check out our sportsbook reviews and learn more about the latest sports betting bonuses and promotions.

Most people in Africa prefer to bet on football matches, although it is also possible to bet on hundreds of other sports. If football is your game, you will be able to bet on matches in almost every competition in the world. Bet on a single match result, a football tournament winner, place some live bets, or make accumulator and combo bets. Our team of in-house experts here at Africa Casino Hub will provide you with the latest match predictions and betting tips. We wish you all the luck with the next sports bets you will place!

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