A Guide to Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual sports betting is an increasingly popular way of gambling at online sportsbooks and casinos. Across Africa and the wider world, gamblers are slowly discovering the thrills and excitement which virtual sports betting offers. Just like normal sports betting, you can of course also make some big money here if you are lucky!

In this guide, we explain all you need to know about virtual sports betting. We explain what it is, which online casinos and sports betting pages in Africa offer it, and what you should take into account if you want to try it out. Of course, we also show you what the most popular virtual sports betting games are at this moment! If you are searching for a thrilling take on sports betting, look no further than these top casino games!

What is virtual sports betting?

Virtual sports betting is simply betting on the outcome of a virtual sports simulation. Instead of betting at a real-time sport event, you are basically betting on the outcome of a computer game simulation. Virtual sports betting basically combines the fun of betting on sports matches with the simplicity and excitement of an online casino. You don't need to have any sports knowledge at all to be able to win some money with this form of gambling as everything is decided by luck. Just like with video slots or a table game like roulette, everyone can be a winner with a bit of luck at their side!

This makes virtual sports betting especially well-suited for gamblers who love both online casino games and betting on football or another sport. As there are virtual versions of dozens of different sports, there is always a suitable casino game for you!

The best sites for virtual sports betting

Now you know everything about virtual sports betting, let's take a look at the best betting sites in Africa and across the world where you can play these games. Whether you live in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania or Uganda, you are warmly welcomed at the betting websites listed below. These are the top African sportsbooks and online casinos which currently offer virtual sports betting:

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All of the above African betting sites are fully licenced, safe and secure. Your deposited money will be safely stored and if you manage to place a winning bet you get your winnings paid out extremely fast. All major payment methods are of course accepted at these betting sites. Whether you want to use your use credit card, e-wallet, internet banking, USSD or mobile money applications, it's all possible!

Take a look at our reviews if you want to learn more about the pros and cons of each betting site. If you are new to these betting sites and sign up for an account for the first time, you can claim an exciting welcome bonus! This welcome bonus allows you to place some free bets at leisure – which makes for an excellent way to try out these betting sites!

The best virtual sports betting games

There are plenty of software studios in the world which make virtual sports betting games, but in our opinion those from Pragmatic Play are the best. Pragmatic Play is a well-known European game developer which you might know from their video slots or other fantastic casino games. All the world's top online casinos have games from Pragmatic Play in their collection, making it one of the best known brands in the business.

These are the four best-known virtual sports products from Pragmatic Play:

Penalty Shootout

This virtual sports game – which is based on the football teams in the English Premier League – simulates a penalty shootout. The way the game works is quite simple. You have to bet on the winning side! With a match commentator and you being able to watch the actual penalty kicks, this game certainly makes for some exciting and tense moments as you watch the outcome of the shootout!

As all penalty shootouts are unique and nothing is pre-recorded, you have a fair chance of winning each time you play this game. All games are archived – and there is also the possibility for data analysis.

Fantastic League

The virtual sports game Fantastic League is also based on the 20 football teams which make up the English Premiership. This game is however more advanced and full of special features compared to Penalty Shootout! Instead of just focussing on penalty kicks, entire matches are simulated in this game – and you can bet on the outcome! However, as each half of the football match takes around 60 seconds, there is no need to wait for the full 90 minutes until you know the outcome and whether you have something or not.

There are different betting options available ranging from a simple match prediction to much more detailed bets. This makes Fantastic League a great game for sports betting fans who love a fast-paced game full of action!

Horse Racing

The title of this virtual sports betting game says it all: There are 12 horses competing in a horse race simulation and you have to predict the winner! Horse Racing has gorgeous graphics, customisable jockeys and an especially exhilarating gameplay. Thanks to the special algorithm, the horses do not run in predetermined lanes and can draft and change position during the race. Not a single race is the same and the final winner might perhaps not be in the front at all at the halfway point! The outcome is therefore entirely unpredictable.

This game has over 190 different horses – all with different characteristics – which may compete in a 12-horse race. Each race is broadcast in high quality graphics with live commentary, which ensures maximum excitement as you watch whether you have placed a winning bet or not!

Greyhound Racing

Pragmatic Play's Greyhound Racing game is similar to their Horse Racing game, with the obvious difference being that this time you have greyhounds running down the virtual track! Multiple bet options – which even include accumulator bets – are possible with this virtual sports game. All common bets such as Win, Tricast, Reverse Tricast, Forecast and Reverse Forecast are included.

The graphics in this game are superb too and you can of course follow all the action on your screen. The finish will have a slow-motion reply when things get close. There are well over 60 dogs – all with different abilities – who compete in the six-dog race. It's easy to set apart the dogs by their coloured vests. As there are different race tracks and not a single race is the same Greyhound Racing is a game that won't easily bore.

Is virtual sports betting fair?

Virtual sports betting is as fair and honest as any other online casino game or bet on a real sports match. As the outcome of each virtual game is not predetermined, it means that you always have a fair chance at winning.

Virtual Sports betting at casinos with a certified RNG is completely safe and fair

The outcome of each game is determined by algorithms and Random Number Generator (RNG) style software. That simply means that the bets placed on the game have no influence over the outcome and that each virtual sports game or race has a completely random outcome. Virtual sports betting is therefore as fair as placing a bet on a roulette or blackjack table or playing video slots.

The games which we discussed in this virtual sports betting guide are all made by Pragmatic Play, a fully licenced and highly reputable European software company. All their virtual sports games are fully certified as well by independent test labs, which guarantees the fair and independent outcome of each match. Betting on virtual sports is therefore a safe and trustworthy gambling activity.

However, you must make sure that you only play virtual sports games made by reliable and fully certified software companies such as Pragmatic Play. Similarly, it's important that you only play these games at licenced betting sites like Whamoo for example:

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The best African betting sites

There are quite some quality online casinos and sportsbooks in Africa which offer virtual sports games. These are the best African betting sites which we currently recommend:

All of these betting sites are fully licenced and offer a safe space for you to bet. With easy deposits and fast pay-outs, these betting sites offer convenient payment methods well-suited to most African players. If you manage to win some money with your bet, you will have it paid out within no-time! Whether you live in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda or Tanzania, these betting sites have all what you expect a quality online casino and sportsbook to have.

Check out our reviews if you want to find out more about these sports betting sites – and don't forget to claim the welcome bonus upon sign-up.


On this page, we have explained all you need to know about virtual sports betting. It's a great gambling category in which sports betting is combined with the fun and excitement of online casino games. Although there are several great software companies making these games, we think that Pragmatic Play is the best of them. Pragmatic Play games like Penalty Shootout, Fantastic League, Horse Racing and Greyhound Racing are certainly great fun to play. Moreover, they offer some excellent gambling opportunities and winning potential.

As a fully licenced and certified company, these Pragmatic Play virtual betting games are certainly safe, secure and honest. Each game is completely random, so you always have a fair chance at winning. In this guide you can find several great quality sports betting sites where you can play these games from Africa!

If you love sports betting and online casino games, you will certainly love virtual sports betting. Try it out at one of our recommended betting sites and claim one of the great welcome bonuses awaiting you! This allows you to place a couple of free bets – which makes for a great way to try out one of these sportsbooks!

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